New Year’s Resolution Generator: Get Self Improvement Suggestions for 2014

2014 begins tomorrow. Like every other year, there are going to be plans and improvements that you would like to make.

But what to do when you do not have any self improvement ideas? What if you want to have a new year’s resolution but you simply do not know where to start? In this case, you will find the following web app to be excellently helpful: New Year’s Resolution Generator.

New Year's Resolution Generator 0

The New Year’s Resolution Generator is a free to use web application that helps out anybody who requires some inspiration for creating some new year’s resolutions. The app lists the most common resolutions, along with plenty of uncommon ones, and lets you simply browse through them all in a random manner. This convenient sort of resolution surfing is bound to inspire anybody. You will find yourself laughing at some resolutions but then there will also be ones that will make you really think; and these latter ones will probably end up in your resolutions list.

To begin using the web app, go over to its homepage. (You will find that the site’s interface says 2013 instead of 2014 – my guess is that it went live before 2013 and that its year value will be updated tomorrow.) On your first visit, the resolutions area will be empty initially, like in the screenshot above. Click on the button that is labeled ‘Gimme More’ to generate a resolution and have it appear in the given area. You will see something like the following:

New Year's Resolution Generator 1

I selected the above resolution to serve as an example of the unusual resolutions you are going to encounter on the site. Sending a two-page letter to a friend might not be something that you are into; but the exercise is definitely interesting and who knows, you might actually end up liking it!

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The site is filled with such resolution suggestions. All you have to do is keep on clicking on the ‘Gimme More’ button.

New Year's Resolution Generator 2

Here is another one:

New Year's Resolution Generator 3

While going through the resolutions, I found more than a few that I added to my own list of new year’s resolutions. Starting a pencil collection, learning how to say ‘hello’ in five languages, and many more ideas are what I would not have been able to come up with on my own.

And here is another LOL-worthy idea that I would not have come up with on my own:

New Year's Resolution Generator 4

I cannot recommend the site more to anybody who is creating their list of resolutions. Whether you want to get some inspiration or you want to get some laughs, you should check out this web app.

You can check out the New Year’s Resolution Generator by clicking over here.



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