How to Easily Share Up to 2 GB of Files Online for Free with ‘WeTransfer’

WeTransfer is an extremely easy to use web service that facilitates the sharing of large (and small) files online. The service offers free as well as paid plans. The free plan does not require any registration and lets you send multiple files; the files you send can have a collective size of 2 GB. The download links can be emailed directly to a recipient’s email address or they can be shared via simple copying-and-pasting. A cool security feature is the automatic expiration of the files you share.

WeTransfer 1

To begin using the service, you only need to visit its homepage. Like I mentioned before, you will not need to sign up for any new accounts. You can start by pointing towards the files that you want to have transferred. Next, you can provide the email address of the recipient of the file. Additionally, you can type in your own email address so the recipient knows who has sent them the file. An optional message can be sent that will be included in the email that is sent to the file’s recipient.

You should know that in the recipient’s email text field, you can add up to 20 email addresses. Furthermore, you can click on the button in the bottom left to obtain a direct link to the uploaded file rather than have it shared via email. Either way, you are notified when the file upload has completed.

WeTransfer 2

The file’s direct download link can then be visited. This link displays a “We’re ready…” message that mentions the file name and size. Clicking on the big ‘down’ arrow button initiates the download of the file.

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WeTransfer 3

In case of the email option, you are sent an email that includes the details of the file as well as that of the recipients. In this email, you can see which date the file will expire this on. Currently the site’s expires the file i.e. deletes the file off its servers after 7 days of being uploaded by you.

WeTransfer 4

Another feature that adds to the overall package is the site’s support for multiple languages. Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, French, and more are supported.

WeTransfer 5

People looking for larger file size limits and further security features would want to check out the site’s premium plans that cost around $10 per month. But for most users, I am certain that the site’s excellent free plan will serve excellently.

You can begin using WeTransfer by clicking over here.



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