Hootlet: How to Simultaneously Share on Facebook and Twitter [Google Chrome]

People who actively use their Facebook and Twitter accounts find it inconvenient to share the same status, links, and images on each network individually. Here to ease matters is an excellent tool called Hootlet.

Hootlet is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome. Its function is to help people easily share links on Facebook as well as Twitter at the same time. After you have installed the extension, you will find a newly placed icon in the browser’s address bar.

Hootlet 0

The first time that you will be using the icon, it will ask you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the service.

Hootlet 1

Choosing either service will make you go through the usual authorization screens for each social network. And when your accounts have been successfully connected, you can click on Hootlet’s button again to make a sharing box appear on top of the webpage that you are currently on.

Hootlet 2

The main text box is where you can add the text for the status you are going to update on Facebook and / or Twitter. The URL of the current webpage is automatically shortened through Owly and is included in the status you are about to share. Further links can be added through the small text field that has the ‘Add a link…’ placeholder. For links with multiple images, you can choose which image goes with the sharing post – much like in Facebook’s own sharing options.

The top text field is where you decide which social network you will be sharing on. Your connected Facebook and Twitter accounts can be added or removed for each sharing post. By selecting both accounts, you can effectively share on both networks through a single sharing action.

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Hootlet 3

There are other buttons as well that help you include additional information to your posts. For example, you can attach files, specify your location, or setup the privacy levels for each post.

But one feature that stands out is the ability to schedule your posts. You can easily click on the scheduling option and choose the exact date and time for when your share will be posted.

Hootlet 4

As you can see, Hootlet greatly simplifies sharing on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. In addition to removing the need to individually visit each network, the app also provides you with the ability to schedule your posts. For online marketers in particular, this is one Chrome extension they should not be overlooking.

You can get Hootlet for Google Chrome from over here.



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