‘Power Scheme Switcher’ Displays All 3 Power Plans in the System Tray [Windows]

One of the things that bothered me in Windows 7, and continues to bother me in Windows 8, is the fact that I cannot access all three power plans from the System Tray. When I am using my laptop, I normally use the Balanced power plan. But if I am playing a video game or if the battery is low, I switch to the High Performance or Power Saver settings. Right clicking on the battery icon only displays two power plans at a time, as you can see from the screenshot below.

Power Scheme Switcher 0

To fix this, I wanted all three power plans to be accessible from the Window System Tray. Fortunately, my search for a solution ended fruitfully when I stumbled upon an app called Power Scheme Switcher – an app that gives you access to all three Windows power plans from the System Tray.

You start by downloading and installing the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 2 MB. After you have installed the application and it is running, it places its icon in the Windows System Tray. The icon is a lot like a green power icon. The following screenshot should be a good reference:

Power Scheme Switcher 1

You can right click on the application’s System Tray icon and this will display the available power options – yes, all three of them! More specifically, you can view the following power plans: Balance, High Performance, and Power Saver. You can easily switch between power plans by clicking on the one you want in the resulting menu.

Power Scheme Switcher 2

But while the application displays all three power plans through the System Tray, it also provides you with a feature that removes the need to manually switch between power plans. To view more of the app’s options, simply double click on the app’s icon.

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Power Scheme Switcher 3

After double clicking the app’s icon, a window opens up where you can enable the automatic switching of power plans. The most sensible thing to do would be to keep have your laptop run on High Performance while it is plugged in; on Balanced when it is running on battery; and on Power Saver when it is running on battery and the battery’s charge level has fallen below a particular threshold percentage.

As you can see, this tiny little application truly packs a lot of punch. The app provides a much necessary feature that should perhaps already be built into Windows. But till Windows incorporates this feature, this nifty app shall serve quite well.

You can get Power Scheme Switcher from over here.



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