Use ‘EvoKeys’ to Open Programs and Folders with Hotkey Shortcuts [Windows]

EvoKeys is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers that are running Windows. The function of this nifty application is to let the use open any file or folder with a simple hotkey shortcut. You basically enter your settings by associating a particular keyboard keys combination with a file or folder on your system; additionally, users are able to specify their opening preferences such as whether or not to open the application as a maximized window. EvoKeys then keeps on running in the background and keep an eye out for your keystroke. It registers your saved hotkey shortcuts and open the corresponding file or folder for you.

EvoKeys 1

To begin, simply download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 0.6 MB. Once the application has been installed, it runs in the background. You can access the app and open its main window by right clicking on its system tray icon and clicking on the ‘Show’ option from the resulting menu (see screenshot above).

This action will open the app’s main window. At the point, the main window will be black i.e. it will not have any entries.

EvoKeys 2

To begin adding hotkey shortcuts to your favorite files and folder, click on the ‘Add’ button in the main window. In the resulting mini window that appears, you will be able to specify your preferences for a new hotkey shortcuts.

EvoKeys 3

This mini window lets you name your hotkey shortcut. Furthermore, you can specify the path of the file that you wish to open. In case it is a program you want to open, you can optionally provide program parameters as shown in the screenshot above. The ‘EvoKey’ field is where you specify the hotkey shortcut. Simply click on this field and press your desired keyboard keys for them to get registered into the app. Finally, you specify which form should the file window / folder window take when it is opened i.e. normal, minimized, maximized, or hidden.

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Apart from adding shortcuts to your favorite files and folders, you can also add shortcuts to common locations and tasks on your PC. These shortcuts can be quickly assigned hotkey shortcuts through the ‘Custom EvoKey’ menu that appears in this app’s main window.

EvoKeys 4

The shortcuts you add are all listed in the app’s main window. And as long as the app is running, all of your shortcuts will work.

EvoKeys 5

I found EvoKeys to be quite a convenient application. Particularly for people who open certain apps by passing them additional parameters, this app will prove to be very useful.

You can get EvoKeys from this link.



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