‘Online MP3 Cutter’ Lets You Create Ringtones from Media Files

Online MP3 Cutter is a free to use web service that provides people with an excellent ringtone creation tool. The function of the application is to help people trim audio files i.e. pick out a specific from within an audio file. This trimmed portion is then converted into your specific ringtone format and made available for download. The app supports not only audio files, but also video files; in the case of the latter, the audio is extracted from the audio files.

Online MP3 Cutter 1

To get started, simply visit the app’s homepage. You will find a big blue button that will be labeled ‘Open File’ – clicking on this button will open up the Windows explorer that you can use to point to a locally stored audio file or video file. Alternatively, you can click on one of the links present under the big blue button. These link let you input a media file through one of the supported online services. These services include Google Drive, Dropbox, or a simply a direct URL of the media file. Thus the site supports both types of media files – one stored on your computer or ones stored online.

When the file is selected, it is quickly loaded into the site’s trimming tool. The tool has basic intuitive controls that do the job very well.

Online MP3 Cutter 2

By default, a little bit of the initial and last portion of the song is automatically trimmed out. The markers for the trimmed portion are green and easily viewable. You can slide these markers in either direction, to trim more or less of the media file. As you slide the marker, the part the marker is on is played out to you. In this way you know precisely which part of the audio you are including or excluding. To play the overall selected audio any time or pause it, you can use the Space key on your keyboard. The arrow keys are another keyboard shortcut supported – these control the trimming markers.

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With your trimming boundaries specified, you can specify your desired output file format. Supported output formats include MP3, iPhone ringtone, AAC, WAV, and AMR. Simply select the format you want and then click on the blue button that is labeled ‘Cut’. You will be provided with a download link that you can use to obtain your trimmed media file.

Online MP3 Cutter 3

And in these simple steps, you successfully obtain your next cellphone ringtone.

You can check out ‘Online MP3 Cutter’ by clicking over here.



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