How to Benchmark Your Disks with ‘DiskMark’ [Windows]

Are you trying to find out how fast your USB flash drive or other storage device really is? If yes, then a tool called DiskMark will be of great help to you.

DiskMark is a free to use desktop application that is made for computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of this nifty application is to let you conveniently run simple reading and writing tests on any one of your installed hard drives. The hard drive could either be an internal one or an external storage device such as a plugged in memory card or USB flash drive. Once the application has carried out its tests, the user is displayed the reading and writing speeds of the disk. Along with the average speed, the maximum and minimum transfer speed values are also provided.

DiskMark 1

To get started, you must download and install the app’s setup package. Once the package has been installed, you can open the application. You will encounter a dialogue box that asks you to specify the disk on which tests should be carried out. Advanced users would want to further specify the number of rounds and runs for the tests.

When testing begins, a progress bar in the bottom of the app’s window indicates that the testing is in progress.

DiskMark 2

The graphs displayed within the application basically display the writing speed and reading speed readings. The graphs are updated throughout the test.

DiskMark 3

Once the test is complete, you are displayed a corresponding notification message.

DiskMark 4

The app’s main window displays the results of the test, once they have been completed. The top levels in the graph let you quickly analyze the deviation in speeds of your device. You can view details speed results in the graphs as well as on the left pane in the app; these results include the maximum, minimum, and average writing and reading speed reading for your selected storage device.

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DiskMark 5

And in this simple way, users are able to carry out tests on their storage devices. Carrying out such tests on your internal hard drives can be a good measure of hard disk health. In case the speed readings are a lot worse than specified in the hard drive’s own specs sheet, you might want to consider replacing the drive. This app can also be helpful in analyzing whether or not the advertised speeds of a newly purchased storage device were true.

Disk benchmarking and speed testing, therefore, is greatly simplified by this excellent application.

You can download and try out DiskMark from over here.



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