How To Set A Vacation Responder For Facebook and Twitter

The vacation responder concept was first introduced in Gmail. You can set a custom message for all your incoming messages. Either it can be sent to the people in your contacts or to all the emails you receive. Some people used this vacation responder as an auto-reply tool for all their incoming messages. Today most of our communications with our friends and family members are through social networks. Since our Christmas and New year holidays are approaching, we can’t reply to all the incoming messages in our social accounts. So, today I came with a new web application called “Relaxed”, which helps you to set a vacation responder in your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here’s how to do it.


The application is very simple and easy to understand. Totally you have three steps to set a vacation responder. In the first step, you need to connect your social accounts. As of now, it supports only the Facebook and Twitter applications. Either you can choose both or choose the one you need. After connecting the accounts, you can see your profile information on the website. It will confirm your account connection with the app.


In the second step, set your custom vacation responder in 125 characters. You have four different samples in the text box. Once you create the message, click the “Activate” button below. It will connect with your social accounts and start responding to your messages. In Facebook, whoever write on your wall, Relaxed will automatically send the pre-set response. On Twitter, all your mentions and interactions will be responded with this custom message.

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The app also works with your direct messages in Twitter and personal messages on Facebook. So all your friends and colleagues will get an auto-reply when they ping you. Unfortunately, it won’t work with direct mentions on your Twitter account. If someone writes on your Twitter timeline, it won’t send that custom message to the user. Apart from that, all the people who send a message will get a reply.

Once you come from the vacation, you can disconnect your accounts from the web app. It is an excellent app for all the Facebook and Twitter users. Try this vacation responder in your social accounts and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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