Check if Any Web Browser is Up to Date Using SurfPatrol

Most modern web browsers are rather good at keeping themselves up-to-date, but with so many add-ons and extensions available for software like Chrome and Firefox, it’s hard to keep track of things. There are virtually hundreds of extensions to simply manage tabs alone, and many of us likely are forced to use several of them.

Ironically, there are even extensions to manage the updating of extensions. However, if you don’t like the idea of using yet another add-on, there is a web site that can take care of it, and it’s browser agnostic. SurfPatrol works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and more.

There is good reason to be concerned with this, as bad extension can leave you vulnerable to attack from the countless attacks that continue to float around the internet.


To get started, simply visit the web site and click on the big orange “Check your browser” button. This isn’t going to check every extension you have, but instead it will focus on those, like Flash and Java, that are known to have frequently exploited security flaws.

With any luck, you’ll get the results that are seen below, but if not then you should immediately head into the settings for your browser, locate the extensions listing and disable, or completely remove the offending add-on.



As previously stated, there are other ways to go about this, but simply visiting a web site is by far the easiest. It’s a free service, and also something everyone should consider doing on a regular basis.

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