Manage your Yahoo inbox with tabs

Online service evolve over time and it is just as common for features to be taken away as it is for them to be added. While the addition of new features is usually welcomed, when options are culled, there are often a number of users who are upset.

This is something that affected Yahoo Mail recently when Yahoo decided to remove the tabs feature from its webmail service. But now the feature is back, and there is an important addition to explore as well.

Activating tabs is very simple. Just log into your Yahoo inbox and click the View button to the upper right. From the menu that appears, click the Tabs option in the Multi-tasking section.


Navigating between tabs is a simple matter of clicking the tab you would like to view just as you would in your web browser. You can also click the little down arrow button at the end of the tab list to display a list of tabs so you can select the one you would like to view.


The new option that has been added is the ability to preview all of your open tabs at once. From the menu, select the Preview All option and you will be shown a thumbnail preview of all of your open tabs.


Switching to a tab takes nothing more than clicking on the thumbnail you are interested in, and you can also use this view to close tabs you no longer need — just click the cross to close them

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