How to Embed Flickr Images on a Web Site

Two things that we’ve all grown accustomed to are photo sharing sites like Flickr and video sharing via simple embed codes added to a web site page. You have likely seen a number of the latter right here on  BlogsDNA, but now, Flickr has elected to bring these two, seemingly different features, together.

The Yahoo-owned service is adding sharing to its list of possibilities, using a similar technology to what has already been in place over at YouTube, and other video streaming sites. How does this all work? It’s fairly simple, just read on for a quick primer.

Before you go any further, though, you’ll first need to opt in to the brand new beta of the photo page, which the company is currently testing out. You should receive a pop-up message on this when you log onto the site.


Now, on the photo page, you’ll discover the “Share” button — it looks like a folder with an arrow in it, and is on the right side of the page. Click on it to open a pop-up box that displays links for Twitter, Facebook and more.


More importantly, it also now includes code that can be pasted into a web page (use HTML view in  Wordpress) to add that particular image. It will include the name and image title overlayed.

That’s all there is to it. You can now add the image and simultaneously include credit for it.

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