View old notifications on your Android phone or tablet

Even with just a few apps installed on your Android device, you probably see an endless stream of notifications popping up on screen. Having read a notification you can swipe it away, but in doing so it is very easy to accidentally tap the Clear button and wipe out all of the other notifications you have yet to read.

If this has happened to you, you will know just how frustrating it can be. Is that notification you cleared important or not? Which app did it come from? There is an easy way to look at previous notifications by simply heading to the Notifications area of Settings. But you can make things even easier.

At the home screen tap the apps button and then move to the Widgets tab. Swipe to the right until you can see the Settings icon in the list of widgets.


Tap and hold the Settings icon and drop it onto an empty portion of the home screen. Remove your finger from the screen and then tap the Notifications link.


Any time you need to check what past notifications you have received, just tap the newly created shortcut. Here you’ll see an extensive list of notifications.


Although you are not able to see all of the details for each notification, you will be able to see which apps have generated them and at what time, and this should be enough to help you to home in on what you have missed.

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