Add Dropbox As a Storage Option in Office 2013

With the introduction of Office 2013, and its sister version, Office 365 Home Premium, Microsoft introduced cloud storage to its popular suite. It was not the only upgrade to the software, but likely it was the biggest one. Microsoft naturally uses SkyDrive for this — it is the company’s own service.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only option that you have, just the only one you get by default. Many folks use Dropbox for much of their online file needs. But there is good news about that, as you can also integrate this into Office, though you’ll have to do so manually. Fortunately, the steps are simple enough.

You’ll need to start out by grabbing the Batch file to add Dropbox to Office. Once you have it, double-click to install and get started. It’s a script, so there isn’t much to it.


You’ll now need to enter the complete path for your Dropbox folder — you can find this by browsing to it in Windows Explorer. If you have any confusion then right-click the folder and choose properties to get the exact address.


You’ll know if you’ve entered it correctly — a simple message tells you that if you didn’t receive an error then you’re good to go. Simple enough.


Now open an Office application. I’m using Word, but it really isn’t relevant which you choose. Click “File” and then tap the “Account” option. Log into your Microsoft account and the click “Add service” and then “Storage”.

You’ll find Dropbox is now an option. Choose it and you’ll soon be finding the cloud service in your save and open options with Office apps. That;s all there is to it.

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