Filemail Lets You Send 30GB of Files in A Single Email

Simple documents and files can be sent through email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. To share large number of files or a single large file, we can either choose file sharing services or cloud services for the secured file transfer. Also they are simpler and comfortable way of transferring large files on the Internet. Recently I wrote about a web app to convert emails, attachments and web pages into PDF documents. Today I came with an another web application called “Filemail”, which lets you send large files (up to 30GB) using your email id.

To start with Filemail, you don’t need to register or sign up with any social accounts. Go to the Filemail’s website and send the attached files in email straight away. Filemail has both free and premium accounts. The 30GB size limit is for free users. Premium users have no file size limit and can send any number of files using the application. Also it is very simple and easy to understand. The process is similar to all the web based email services.


On the homepage, you can see the fields to enter your email id, recipient details, subject and body of the message. Once you complete it, add files and send the email. The free user option is available only for personal use. For commercial purposes, you need to purchase a premium account. If you want to track your file transactions, you need to create an account. Free user account comes with a 7-day trial option.


Creating an account will give you few more important options in the file transfers. It lets you quickly track the delivery status and keep the files in your account for a month. For premium accounts, it lets you keep the important files till you delete the account. The person on the other end will receive a mail with the file downloading link. Just like other cloud services, you can securely transfer the files with the help of private links. Also it lets you add the Filemail plugin to Email clients like Outlook, etc., to transfer  large files from your computer.

You can watch the video above to understand more about the application. Try this web application and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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