Improve the Word Dictionary with Bing

Microsoft’s Office suite is certainly, unarguably the most used around, by both individuals and business. Novelists and journalist, students and businessmen, all use Word on an almost daily basis. The software does an admirable job of helping the author out with spell checking and grammatical corrections, but it certainly isn’t perfect.

Office is far from Microsoft’s only property, and Bing is also rather popular, as more than just a search engine. Bing and Word can even be combined to to improve the help writer’s receive by providing additional information. Here’s how it works.

Bing for Word is free and you need only head to the Office Store to grab the plug-in.


Once you have installed the Bing Dictionary plugin then head to Word (I’m using version 2013, but 2010 is essentially the same) and click on “Insert” from the Menu bar.


A box pops up that lists all of your available apps, just choose the one you want and click “Insert”. In the case of Bing Dictionary, it will open in a column to the right of Word’s main typing area.



Word comes with a built in dictionary, and it works acceptably well. However, pulling in the search power of Bing, along with the added features it lends, makes a big difference. For free, this is really an easy decision. Anyone who uses Word on a regular basis should have this plug-in.

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