How to Give your Digital Images a Pencil Sketch Look with ‘FotoSketcher’ [Windows]

If you have been using the same image effects application for quite some time, then you have probably grown bored of what it has to offer. To change things up a bit, try out customizable sketch filters offered by FotoSketcher.

FotoSketcher is a desktop application for Windows computers. The app will help you add a cool sketch effect to your digital images. A sketch filter might already be present in the image effects application you are currently using; however with this app you will gain granular control over the how the sketch is generated and what the parameter values are. When you are done, the image can be saved locally in various popular digital image file formats.

FotoSketcher 1

To begin using the application, you must download and install its setup that is sized at nearly 5.5 MB. With the app installed, you can open a locally stored image from within it. Once your image has been loaded, you should make modifications to the source image before you move on to the pencil sketch parameters. The source image modifications window lets you adjust the luminosity, contrast, saturation, blur / sharpen, and simplification values through moveable sliders. The changes you make can be previewed in a small section located on the bottom left of the modifications window.

FotoSketcher 2

Next, you can move on to set the sketch parameters. You can begin by selecting from a variety of sketch types.

FotoSketcher 3

The detailed settings for each sketch type include setting levels for edge threshold, edge intensity, color intensity, darken / lighten levels, contrast levels, edge softening, frame adding, and texture adding.

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FotoSketcher 4

If you are going to have the image published someplace online, it would be a good idea to add text to it from within the application – this text could serve as a watermark for the image. The style and positioning of this text can be easily controlled by the provided options.

FotoSketcher 5

When your sketch is generated, you are able to view right next to the original image. The new sketch can be saved locally as a PNG, JPEG, or BMP image file.

FotoSketcher 6

Once you have setup your sketch parameters, they can be saved and applied to multiple images. For this, use the ‘Batch processing’ feature that is present in the app’s Edit menu.

FotoSketcher 7

In conclusion, FotoSketcher is a user friendly application that will definitely add a unique pencil effect to your digital images.

You can get FotoSketcher by clicking on this link.



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