Automatically Fades out Music While Watching Videos on your PC

When we open a video while we are listening to songs, we have to quickly go and mute or pause the music till we finish the video. It happens most of the time we browse and everytime we have to pause the music, while we watch videos. To automate this process today I came with a new application called ““, which will automatically mute music, whenever you play a video. Whether you play a video in your web browser or on your local machine, the music will automatically fade out. Whenever a video file plays on your PC, the audio fades out. is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has two different versions, and The difference between both applications is, is pretty basic, which will mute music only on your local machine. is quite a large file(16 MB) contains flash and will mute both local and music playing on your web browsers. For instance, if you are listening to a song in an online music player, the app will mute the music if you watch a video on your PC or in your web browser. You can download the app using the link at the end of this post.

Once you complete the installation, it will walk you through the instructions to use the app and how to use the settings and preferences to optimize the music control. It supports a wide variety of music players like iTunes, Winamp, Pandora and much more. So if you play a video in these players or play a video in your web browsers, the sound will automatically go mute.

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First time when you use the app it will struggle a bit to understand your background music and foreground video. You have to say the app, which one is your background music and which is your video. Once you select the background music, the app will work properly. To select the background, go to the application window, it will show all the music and videos playing on your PC. There will be an option to choose which one needs to be in the background and go mute. Select the audio playing in your PC, that’s it, you’re set. You can sit back and enjoy the videos.

Even your music is not in the’s supported players list, you can still tell the app to mute the songs by selecting the background and foreground, when you play a video. It supports flash and has an inbuilt chromium browser to auto-mute the web based music players. Try this app on your PC and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.




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