AllThings: A New Task Management App Lets You Create Sharable To-Do Lists

Task management is one of the important part of our day to day activities. If we don’t plan things properly, then we will always end up in a mess and most of the work will be left undone. So, it is pretty important to organize our tasks and create a to-do list for organizing our works. There are plenty of task managing apps available for PC, Smartphones and browsers, but still if we have a good one to simplify the task management it is very helpful. Today I came with a new task management app called “AllThings“, which is pretty good for personal and group task management. Also it lets you share the entire to-do lists with your friends and colleagues.


To start using the app, first you have to register with your email id or using your social accounts Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Once you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can see the first ten things to do before you start. On the top there will be a two minute video, explaining the features and functions of the app, that video is available below. Next it will show you how to create, customize and share your to-do lists. To create your own list, click “+” button in “My Lists” option in the left panel.

Once you click the new list icon you will get a pop-up, either you can create a single empty list or a folder for creating a group of lists. After choosing one, just start typing your tasks in the text box and press enter. To mark an important task, click the star shaped icon in the right and to mark a completed task, click the check box. All the completed tasks will be available on the bottom of the list and all the options and settings will be available on the top right corner of your list creation window. Also it lets you print your to-do list right from the application.

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To share the lists, click the “Share” button on the bottom of the list window. When you click a task, the details will open in the right side panel, where you can add a description, add sub things and add all the necessary files using the “Upload” option. If you are planning in a group, you can create a list where you can assign tasks to different people using their email id. You will get an email notification for all your important tasks and the tasks to be completed on that day. You can edit the email preferences in your “Account Settings”.


All the settings and preferences will be available on the top right corner of your main window. If you are looking for a clutter free task management app, AllThings is a best choice. AllThings app is also available for Smartphones to sync your tasks. If you really like the app, you can switch to a premium account to enable more features. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends. Hit the link below, to give a shot.

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