Get the New Camera App for Chromebook

It will likely never overtake Windows, but Google’s Chrome operating system has certainly been making strides in the past year with more manufacturers jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon. To go with its popularity, Google has been increasing functionality, including offline capability for services and now a new camera app has been released.

If you have already installed the latest update, then you will not need to install anything, as Camera comes as part of the operating system. You can access it by visiting the Task Bar and clicking the Apps button to the far left — it’s the grid of blocks.


The app utilizes the built-in web cam that is part of all Google-branded notebooks. The app is very simple, showing your image live, and a small red camera button near the bottom that allows you to snap a still image.

A gallery option is accessed from a photo icon on the right and an icon on the left allows you to bring up the filters. There are a number Instagram-style filters that are displayed in a line across the bottom of the screen. You can scroll right to access even more of these.



The new camera app adds a fun aspect to Chrome OS. It still provides the great functionality that allows for video Hangouts, but snapping and filtering still pics that can be emailed or posted to social sharing sites makes Google-branded notebooks just a bit more fun and functional.

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