Use ClickLock to simplify drag and drop with a trackpad

Dragging and dropping files with a laptop’s track pad is far trickier than when using a mouse. If your hands are not particularly dextrous, you could well find it difficult to keep the left button held down while you move the selected file from one place to another.

Windows has a built in feature that can help you out — ClickLock. This is a handy option that eliminates the need to hold down the trackpad button while moving files around. Instead you can click once to select a file, move it and then click again to deselect. Here’s how to get this set up in Windows 8.

Press the Windows key and C at the same time to bring up the Charms bar and click Settings followed by Control Panel. Open the Mouse applet.


Make sure that you are on the Buttons tab and tick the box labelled Turn on ClickLock.


Click the Settings button and you can use the slider to configure the length of time you need to hold down the trackpad button in order lock the selection.


Click OK followed by OK and you’re done!

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