RandPass Lite: Generate Complex Passwords with Great Control [Windows]

Are you looking for an app to help you generate many complicated passwords in one go? If yes, then RandPass is here to help.

RandPass Lite lets Windows users easily generate complex passwords while specifying numerous preferences. These preferences include the password length, characters and words to include, using special custom characters, excluding similar characters, enabling double digit probability, using lower and upper case letters, and using digits.

Once the passwords have been generated through the application, they can be further modified by removing duplicates, and variously modifying the case of their letters. Passwords can be copied off the generated list via simple text selection and copying; alternatively you can have the passwords exported to a plain text file.

To begin using the application, you must download its setup archive which is sized at nearly 0.6 MB. Once you extract the archive’s contents, you need only run the EXE file to open and run the application – installation is not required.

RandPass Lite 1

You will find various parameters that you can set to obtain your complex passwords. Beginning from the top, these preferences include the overall character length of the passwords; the number of passwords that you want generated; including lower case alphabets in the passwords; including upper case alphabets in the passwords; using digits in the passwords; enabling double digit probability for the password generation process; excluding similar characters from the passwords such as 0, o, and O; using special custom characters such as those from non-English languages; and defining a custom format for the passwords – this helps you in making each generated password follow the same pattern.

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Once the passwords have been generated, you can further modify them using the Actions menu from the app’s top bar of buttons. The first thing you would want to do is remove duplicate passwords using the ‘Check uniqueness’ option in the Action menu – the more passwords you generate in one go, the greater chance there is for duplicates to exist in the list.

RandPass Lite 2

To get a full view of all characters being used in the password generation, check out the ‘Show characters’ option in the same menu. Furthermore, you are able to change all alphabets’ case in the password to lower, upper, or random.

Advanced users would be glad to know that the app can be used from the command line as well.

RandPass Lite 3

As mentioned earlier, once all is done, you can either copy the passwords from directly within the application or have them exported to a text file.

The app is free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, the Pro version can be purchased – the Pro version does not really include any special features, apart from prioritized technical support. Whichever use you are going to put this app to, you are definitely going to find its user-friendliness and effectiveness to be highly beneficial.

You can get RandPass Lite from here.



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