‘Folders Popup’ Can Create Context Menu Shortcuts to any Folder [Windows]

Folders Popup adds quick shortcuts to the context menu while you have the Windows explorer open; these shortcuts are modifiable and they can point to any folder that you decide. Strictly speaking though, it is not the context menu that gets these shortcuts added to them – it is a new menu that opens up when you click the middle mouse button in an explorer window. Let us take a closer look:

In order to begin using this application, you will need to first download and extract its setup archive that is sized at nearly 1 MB. Because the app does not require any installation, you simply need to extract the contents and then, based on your Windows OS, you run either the 32-bit version EXE or the 64-bit one. Opening the app will place its icon in the system tray; a balloon notification will also appear that will quickly familiarize you with the app’s controls.

Folders Popup 0

Before you begin using the application, it would be a good idea to setup shortcuts to your favorite folders. To do this, you should first right click on the app’s system tray icon and then click on the Settings option.

Folders Popup 1

The Settings window is where you are able to configure shortcuts for your favorite folders. The top section of this window lets you easily add or remove folder shortcuts. You can add separators in different positions; this will help you group particular entries of shortcuts together. Through these folder shortcuts, you can jump to corresponding folders within file selection dialog boxes; the bottom pane of the Settings window lets you select what kind of dialog boxes will each shortcut be available in such as Open, Save, etc.

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Folders Popup 2

When you are done setting it all up, you can head on over to any Windows explorer window and then use the middle mouse button to have a menu open up; this menu is where you find shortcuts to your added folders; a submenu titled ‘Special Folders’ will include shortcuts to commonly accessed folders such as Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc.

Folders Popup 3

To have this menu open from anywhere on your computer, simply use the Shift+Middle-Mouse-Button shortcut and jump to your desired destination folder.

After using the app, you will realize that it can be a wonderfully convenient tool for jumping to your favorite folders in jiffy; it becomes particularly useful in Open and Save dialog boxes where you sometimes do not have any other option but to navigate through lengthy folder paths before you arrive at your desired destination folder.

You can get Folders Popup from here.



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