Instapaper for Chrome Got New Shortcuts and Highlighting Options

Instapaper is used to save the interesting articles we come across in the mid of browsing or any other works. When we install the app in our browser, whenever you see an interesting title, just press “I” button and continue your work, it will be saved automatically. After you get free, you can review those saved links and start reading. Instapaper for iOS was updated few months back and the Android app was updated few weeks before. Now the Instpaper app for Chrome has got few interesting updates this week.


You can download Instapaper from the Chrome Web Store using the link at the end of this post. The first update in the application is the highlighting option. Previously you can only bookmark the titles and review them later. Now using this highlighting option, you can save a paragraph from any article or a website for later reference. Just highlight the text, right click and select “Save to Instapaper”, that’s it. It will be synced to all your devices. The “Save to Instapaper” option was not available in the right click previously, it is updated in the recent release.


New shortcuts are added for saving bookmarks on your browser. For Mac users, press “Cmd+Shift+S” to save the bookmarks. For Windows users “Ctrl+Shit+S” to save the bookmarks. There is a new options page introduced inside the chrome extension. Right click on the Instapaper icon in your browser and select “Options” to access this page. This options page is to control the new Instapaper support added to Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News and USV. For instance, if you log into your Twitter account, Along with favorite, reply and retweet, you will see the Instapaper icon to bookmark that tweet. Similar to that the Instapaper icon will be available on those four web applications.

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The next important update is the Google account synchronization. If you logged into your Google account while bookmarking through Instapaper, all your settings and preferences will be synced with all the other chrome browsers you have logged in. So, you don’t need to change the settings if you are using Instapaper extension on multiple computers. The highlighting and inline options on four popular web apps is really a great update for Instapaper users. What do you think about this update ? Let us know in the  comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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