5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android Devices

After Smartphones and Tablets came into existence, Cloud Storage has become a primary storage for many people. Instead of keeping documents in multiple email accounts, cloud storages gives an excellent space to organize those files in a single place. Also there are plenty of cloud services available to quickly upload your mail attachments right from your Gmail account. There are also some services available to combine multiple cloud accounts and access all those data from a single place. Today I came with a list best cloud storage application for Android devices to access all those cloud data on the go.Android-Cloud


Dropbox is one of the well known cloud services in the Internet. It offers 2GB of cloud storage for a free user. You can upload images, music, documents and much more to the cloud storage. There is a default image viewer inside the app  and you can easily share files with other people using the link. Not only the Dropbox users, anyone can download the files using the public shared link. Also you can create a shared folder with other Dropbox users for common access. Though it offers very limited storage than the other cloud services, it is one of the most used cloud services on the web.


Google Drive

Google Drive is more than a cloud service. Apart from uploading the files, it has a default editor for most of the popular file formats. You can download and save the files quickly from your Gmail account straight to Google drive. The files in Google drive can be accessed even when you are offline. You can edit documents and send them instantly by mail. It offers 15GB of file storage by default, so you can keep all your files and backup in a single place. Also you can print those files anywhere on the web using Google cloud print.

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SkyDrive lets you share and access files on the go. It offers 7GB of storage for all the free users. So you can upload your photos, music and take a backup of your Android device in the application. Since Microsoft office is available for Android, you can easily save those files to the SkyDrive to access from anywhere on the web. Share files and documents through email using a link from the application. You can also open the SkyDrive files in other apps installed on your Android device.


Media Fire

One of the biggest advantages of using this application is, you will get 50GB of cloud space for free. So you can take an entire backup of all your files and folders on your Android device. Even you lost your device, you can retrieve all your data using this application. There is a size limit for all the files you upload, it should not exceed above 200MB. It has a clutter free interface and app is pretty easy to understand. You can share files from the cloud storage through any installed apps on your device.


Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One offers 5GB of cloud storage for the free users. Similar to other cloud services, you can upload documents, music and images. It has an option to connect with some of the apps like Instagram to auto upload the images and files from them. You can get a public link to share the files on Facebook, Twitter and in an email to all your friends and family members. You can choose a specific folder from your gallery to auto upload whenever you add an image or any file to that.

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These are the five best cloud storage apps for Android. If I’ve missed any of your favorite cloud storage apps, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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