How to Take Notes and Sync them with Dropbox using ‘Springseed’ [Ubuntu]

Yesterday I published my review of Drft – an excellent online application for distraction free writing and note-taking. But, as awesome as Drft is, it will not be the first choice of people who prefer desktop apps over web apps. If you are one such person and an Ubuntu user, then Springseed will serve you excellently when it comes to taking down notes on your computer.

Springseed is a desktop application for systems that are running 32-bit or 62-bit version of Ubuntu 12.04 or later. The app serves as a simple note taking tool; along with letting you create notes with ease, editing them with Markdown, and sorting them into different workbooks / notebooks, the application also lets you synchronize your work with your Dropbox account.

Springseed 1

To begin using Springseed, download the appropriate debian package from the website’s homepage – the setup is sized at nearly 30 MB. Next, open your terminal (shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T), enter the folder with the downloaded setup, and type in the following command:

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

Of course, you will need to replace ‘packagename.deb’ with the name of the file you downloaded. After the setup is complete, you can open the app from this location: /opt/springseed/springseed-bin

Create a shortcut to the above path on your desktop to make Springseed more accessible.

With the app open, you will find two introductory notes. The first note will introduce you to the application and tell you what it is all about: its usage, features, etc. The second note helps people get up to speed with the syntax of Markdown.

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From the left pane, you can quickly switch between notebooks, modify existing notebooks, or easily add new ones.

Springseed 2

After a notebook has been selected, new notes can be added into it. While you edit a note, you can highlight a piece of text and then use the available formatting buttons on top to make your text bold, italicized, a hyperlink, and / or a heading.

Springseed 3

Any matching Markdown code you type in is automatically converted appropriately and displayed after you save the note.

Springseed 4

When you want to, you can connect your Dropbox account with the application and synchronize yourj notes with the click of a button.

Springseed 5

In conclusion, Springseed is definitely a breath of fresh air. Hitting the mark right between simplicity and effectiveness, this application will be immensely useful, particularly to Ubuntu users who regularly use Dropbox.

To get Springseed, visit this website.



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