5 Best Android Browsers To Enhance Your Browsing Experience

We can’t expect much efficiency from the default browsers on Android devices. Devices running Jelly Bean and other latest Android versions have the chrome browser by default. It is definitely an excellent browser and has tons of features to enhance the browsing experience but what about the devices running lower versions than Jelly bean ? They definitely need to switch to some third party browsers for a better performance. Today I’ve handpicked few best browsers  for Android, which will definitely give an excellent browsing experience in your device.



For devices running Android version below Jelly bean, can download Chrome from the Play store for free. An important advantage of using Chrome in Android devices is, it can be easily synced with the desktop app and your Google account. You can search from the omni bar and incognito mode is available for private browsing. Unlike other browsers, you can quickly navigate between tabs using gestures same as your PC. If you have an Android tablet, then Chrome is a must have browser in your apps list. For devices running Android 2.1 and below chrome won’t be suitable, they can go for some mini browsers for a better performance.



Firefox is an incredible browser for the PC. It is a light weighted and efficient browser for Android. One of the most important feature in the Firefox Android app is, it supports Add-ons and personas. You can add extensions to your Firefox app on Android  which gives much more performance than the other browsers. Also it will sync your bookmarks, passwords and much more from the desktop application. The “Awesome Bar” and “Awesome Screen” will bring all your favorite sites, history, bookmarks, etc., to the home page. Firefox also has a private browsing mode for secured internet access.


Dolphin is an excellent browser for Android. The home screen of  the browser can be easily customized with shortcuts, frequently visited websites and much more. Also the gestures can be customized to navigate between tabs, access bookmarks, etc. Dolphin Connect feature lets the users to sync passwords, bookmarks between the mobile app and the PC. It has a built-in web store to download plugins for YouTube, Facebook, etc. The address bar will perfectly sync with your bookmarks and auto-fill in the url when you type. More than fifty add-ons available for the browser like Evernote, Adblock plus, etc. Also it offers a full screen mode for better readability.


Opera is one of the famous browsers for Android. If you have an older device or lower versions of Android, Opera mini is a best choice. Just like other browsers it perfectly syncs with the bookmarks, speed dials and all your preferences to the mobile app. It has a mini app store for add-ons, which lets you choose the best games and add-ons for the browser. There is  a Smart page which will deliver the top stories from Facebook,  Twitter and other popular websites. You can save pages to read later and it has an inbuilt download manager to organize and speed up your downloads. It has a unique data compression technology, which will reduce your network usage more than ninety percent.

UC Browser

UC Browser is a powerful browser for Android. It is selected as the best Android browser from 2011 and one of the top downloaded browsers in the Play Store. It will perfectly optimize your page loading according to your network speed. Also the browser will automatically start loading the next page when you reach the end of the current page in your browser. There is a separate add-on center available in the UC Browser. Some of the popular add-ons updated are Save web page, Facebook video Uploader, etc. There is a mini version of this app is available for older Android devices. If you are looking for an alternate from your current browser, you can try this application.

These are the five best browsers for Android. If I’ve missed any of your favorite browsers let me know in the comments. Also share your favorite features and experience with the browsers listed above. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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