Stay Alive Lets You Customize the Screen Awake Time For Different Apps

In most of the Smartphones and Tablets, we can set the screen timeout for the entire device. Sometimes it is helpful but most of the times this feature is annoying. It is because when we are reading something or showing an image to someone, the screen goes off frequently. So, today I came with an application called Stay Alive for Android, which lets the users to customize the screen awake time for each app individually. If you have a reader app or an image viewer, you can set a long screen awake time for those apps alone. Here’s how to do it.


Stay Alive is a free application and you can download it from Google Play Store. It is a very small application and the user interface is pretty simple to understand. Once you complete the installation, it will take you to the home page. Also there will be a Stay Alive control in the notification bar. The first three options are the overall control of the application. By selecting the first option, your phone will only stay awake when it is connected with power cable. The second option will keep the screen awake until you close it manually. The third option will let you pause the Stay Alive app for a period of time.


If you want to keep your screen awake only for particular apps, select the first option in “Exceptions to Stay Alive” category. In the next option, you can choose the app in which the screen needs to be awake. When you connect to the car dock or desk dock, your device won’t stay awake but you can override that using the third and fourth option in the settings. The last option will keep your screen awake but will dim the screen light when it is not in use. Another important option in the settings is, enable “Pause Stay Alive” when battery is running low. It will automatically put the Stay Alive mode offline when battery is low.

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If you really like this app, you can make some donation to the developer to get a few more options like start on boot, hide the top status bar, auto pause the app with proximity sensor and much more. Also you can change the colors of the user interface in the donators options. So, try this in your Android Smartphones and Tablets and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading,  do share this post with  your friends.

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