Unchecky Protects Your PC From Unwanted Programs While Installing Software

We all have seen those unwanted applications and toolbars comes along with some softwares. Especially some of the toolbars that comes as an add-on and automatically install in our browsers and hijack all our homepage, bookmarks, etc. In order to avoid these type of unwanted applications, today I came with a new tool called “Unchecky” for Windows. It is a very simple and small application, which automatically uncheck those unwanted programs while installing the software.


Unchecky is a free application and you can download it from their website. The size of this application is very low and it will install in just a second. After installation it will be running in the background and will automatically uncheck those offers, add-on programs and toolbar installations. You may think, how harm it’s going to be but a malicious program can affect your entire privacy. There are many malware, adware and spyware, use this software  installation as a gateway to get into the user’s system.


These adware can easily hijack your browser and replace your home page with theirs. Also it will generate some pop-ups with ads and some malicious contents. So, it is always important to have security extensions in your browser. Unchecky will identify those potentially harmful applications and warn you before the installation. Also it will let you know when any malicious software installed on your device gets an update. You might have seen there will be some offers pop-up when you are browsing. Unchecky will prevent those ads and even if you click that, it will let you know before you proceed further.

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Unchecky has a very simple user interface. It has only two major options in the application. One is to change your preferred language and another one is to suspend the application. You can easily suspend and resume Unchecky. While installing a software, if you think that additional program or toolbar is essential for you, just suspend the service and start installation. After completing the process, go to the app and resume the service but make sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise you will end up with threats on your PC.

Compared to other operating systems, Windows has plenty of harmful apps available. So, it is important to be safe in all the aspects. Even this app will not give you a complete security, at least it will protect your PC from adware and unwanted toolbars. Try this on your Windows machine and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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