‘Typeform’ Offers Excellent Tools to Create Appealing Online Surveys

While there are numerous web apps that let you create forms, surveys, and online polls, the tools they offer leave a lot to be desired. With Typeform, however, you get all the form features you could possibly wish for, all squeezed together in package that is free (at least in its current beta stage).

You can begin creating forms once you have created your Typeform account. On the form’s interface design page, you will find various elements that can be included.

Typeform 1

The abovementioned elements can be dragged to the right pane where you will find an outline of the form.

Typeform 2

Different kinds of questions, a welcome message, site links, images, videos, and a lot more can be added to your form with inexplicable ease. Individual elements can be edited in a detailed manner – granular control is provided to the user: for instance, you can decide whether your answers for a multiple choice question appear horizontally aligned or vertically aligned.

Typeform 3

Once you are done building the form by adding elements to it, you can move on to the form’s design. In this section you select a color palette, fonts, and a background image for your form.

Typeform 4.0

When the time comes to deploy your form / survey, you can obtain a direct sharing link for it. Furthermore, you can get the form’s embeddable code to use it on your own website.

Typeform 4.1

Users who view the form will see it in your precise design.

Typeform 5

The questions will appear in an elegant manner and their responses will be registered according to your form settings.

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Typeform 6

You can choose what happens upon each form submission. For example, you can setup email notifications to yourself and / or the user.

Typeform 7

To analyze the responses, you can head on over to the Metrics section of your survey on Typeform. Here you get all kinds of information like the number of responses, the average form completion time, the kind of device the form was submitted from, and a lot more. Results can be exported to an XLS spreadsheet file, form analytics can be viewed, and reports can be generated to get further insight into the collected data.

Typeform 8.0

The beta free account on the site allows up to 5,000 form to be created. This limit coupled with the other features provided by the site, makes the decision of using Typeform extremely easy.

You can visit Typeform over here. And to check out the basic form I made while reviewing this web app, click here.



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