Hide Certain Social Updates with Things you’d Rather See

Social networks have become both our go to locations for information, as well as a place to avoid at certain times — especially when you are watching a big sporting event after it has happened. Nobody likes a spoiler, and avoiding finding out who won the big game generally means staying away from virtually everything on the internet, especially Facebook and Twitter.

There are ways of avoiding this, along with whatever other types of posts you wish to not see. There is the tried and true method of simply not logging in, but these days that is becoming increasingly harder to resist.

In that case, a new Chrome extension called “Rather” can help you out. It will install very quickly, just as any Chrome extension will — you’ll receive a confirmation message when it’s ready.


Once installed, you’ll need to begin doing a bit of setup. After all, the app doesn’t know what you wish to see what you are trying to avoid. Technology has come a long way, but this isn’t AI.


There are pre-defined lists of keywords to choose from, many of which may just fall into the category you are looking to get rid of, But you can add your own as well.

Each of the four categories across the top — popular, upcoming, services and feeds provides new and intriguing options for things many of us simply do not wish to see.

Once you’ve completed filling in your choices, then you have two options — you can mute, which simply removes the offending posts, or you can replace. Replace inserts something of interest — pictures of puppies for example.

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Rather is an interesting option that certainly works very well to block the things you wish to avoid, though you will need to be very good with your keywords to keep anything from slipping through. But the bottom line is that it works. If you don’t want to know the final score of the Super Bowl or how the latest Hobbit movie ends, then this will help you avoid it.



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