How to Easily Schedule Meetings between International Parties with ‘World Meeting Time’

People who work with international parties know fully well that scheduling meetings can be problematic because of the difference in time zones. Even the slightest miscalculations in time differences can result in somebody’s frustrating inconvenience. Here to help iron out this crease in international meetings is an excellent web app called World Meeting Time.

World Meeting Time is a free to use web application that takes out the manual time zone calculations from the meeting scheduling process; beyond that, the app notifies all parties via email about the meeting time, according to their respective time zones.

To begin, you visit the app’s homepage and type in your name using the controls in the left pane. This is also where you select the meeting date and time according to your own geographical location.

World Meeting Time 1

The next step is to begin adding the people with whom you are going to have a meeting – again, from the controls in the left pane.

World Meeting Time 2

A global map appears in the right-center pane where all meeting attendees are displayed through indicators marked on their respective geographical locations. You can easily move around the markers to indicate where a meeting attendee is geographically situated. As you move the indicator, the meeting attendee’s time zone is adjusted accordingly.

World Meeting Time 3

Once you are done setting up the meeting time, meeting attendees, and their locations, you can click on the green “Schedule Meeting” button in bottom of the left pane.

World Meeting Time 4

From the options that appear consequently you can select the length of the meeting. Available options for meeting duration include 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours.

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World Meeting Time 5

After selecting the duration of the meeting, you proceed with entering the email addresses of all meeting attendees. An optional comment can be added that will be included in the email which is rolled out to the addresses that you specify.

World Meeting Time 6

The site will then send email notifications for the meeting time to the meeting attendees. The meeting time mentioned in the email for each attendee will be adjusted according to his / her respective time zone.

World Meeting Time 7.0

And in these simple steps, you are able to schedule international meetings via email notifications without any complications or confusions. Thus the next time you are going to setup a meeting time with an international client, use World Time Meeting to ease your troubles.

You can begin easily scheduling international meetings on World Time Meeting by clicking on this link.



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