Lets you Share High Quality Images with Live Voice Narration

If you want to share an image with your friends, either you send him in mail or upload in an image sharing service and give him the link. For instance, if you are sharing the photographs of a trip with your friends or family members, there will be a lot of stories behind those photographs. Instead of giving a caption or sending a text, voice narration will be more effective. You have apps to share your screen and voice chat at the same time but those apps will reduce your image quality. If the person on the other side doesn’t have a good bandwidth, your images will take more time to load.  To overcome all these things today I came with a new web application called “”, which helps you to share pictures with the voice narration. is  a web app where you don’t need to register or sign in with your social accounts to start using  it. You can upload the images straight away and start  using the app. To upload your pictures go to the website and locate the “Drop files here” option. You can  add any number of images you want to share. Once the uploading process is completed, it will generate a link to share the pictures with other users. You can pass that link to a set of people and all of them can view the pictures at the same time.

Third step is the “Talk & Show” option. As I said before you can narrate the images as it moves on. Using the app, you can easily explain the images to all your friends and family members at the same time no matter wherever they are. This will be more effective than the text captions of your pictures on image sharing services. This is not only for personal use, it can also be used for business purposes. If your client is in a different place and you want to show some high resolution images, you can use this service to explain the images to your client.

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For people who do business based on images like Architects, Photographers, etc., can use this app in an effective way  to satisfy their clients. It supports all the popular image formats like  .JPG, .PNG, Raw file formats and much more. To upload images, just drag and drop them on the home screen of the website. You can select all the images at once or from different places but the link will be generated in common for all the images. You can watch the video tutorial  below to understand more about the application.

If you are a regular user of  image sharing sites, then you should try this web application. Share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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