Drft: Create, Format, and Share Text Online on a Distraction Free Interface

Drft (pronounced ‘Draft’) is an excellent web service that serves as a distraction free writing application as well as a convenient note taking tool.

Drft 1

In order to begin using the site, you must first create an account. During sign up, users are presented with the option to specify their exact time zone thereby reflecting accurate create-times and save-times for their texts.

After this step, the site’s default text is presented to you. The text serves as an introduction to the features of the interface. The introduction aims to familiarize you with the controls, in addition to what the site is capable of.

Drft 2.0

If you want, you can begin creating your note simply by editing this introductory text. The textbox you type in supports the standard special formatting hotkey shortcuts for making text bold, italicized, or underlined; shortcuts for these are Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and Ctrl+U respectively. But in addition to using these keyboard shortcut keys for formatting, you can simply highlight a piece of text in Drft, and a floating window will appear with various formatting options. From this window, a user is able to easily make a piece of text bold, italicized, a heading (h1 or h2), a quotation with the appropriate indentation, and / or a hyperlink.

Drft 2.1

As you create your note and make changes to it, everything is automatically saved. But it can be manually saved as well through a button available in the top right corner of the text. Furthermore, this tiny section includes a total count for words and characters.

Drft 3

In the same top right section, you get options to delete the text or alternate the background color of the writing canvas from light to dark. Either color facilitates distraction free writing after you set your web browser to the full screen mode.

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Drft 4

While the background can be set to light or dark, the main bar color (top bar) can be chosen from your settings. The settings page is also where you can optionally disable the browser spell check.

Drft 5

Using the abovementioned features, you are able to compose text conveniently and free from all distractions. You can access saved notes easily anytime by logging into the service from your computer (a mobile version of the app is in the works). And, if you want, you can have a private link generated for your notes to share them with friends. With everything that it is offering, using Drft should be a no-brainer!

You can sign up for a Drft account over here and here.



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