Sync Android Calls,Text Messages and Much More To Chrome’s New Tab Page Using Spots

The amount of time we spend on PC and Smartphones are almost equal. We browse, listen to music, work on both the devices equally. So we definitely need an application or a tool to bridge the gap between these two devices. Recently I wrote an app to sync the Clipboard between Smartphones and PC. Today I came with an another interesting app called “Spots’, which syncs your phone calls, text messages and all your favorite apps to Chrome’s New tab page. Let’s see the features and functions of  the app below.


Spots is now available for Android and Chrome (iOS app will be available soon). To start using the app, you have to sign up with your Gmail id or Facebook account. Once you complete the installation, you can sync the devices and start receiving all the notifications right in your browser. You will receive calls, text messages and all the notifications in the Chrome’s new tab page. You can reply to text messages right  from your browser and avoid the unwanted notifications.


To sync the Spots Android app with your browser, it must be kept running. There is an inbuilt launcher inside the Android app, which has an option called “Top Hits”. It will analyze your call log, menu and put the most used contacts and apps on top of the list. You can enable or disable the launcher in the settings of the application. Also it lets you adjust the position and size of the launcher.


On the Chrome’s New Tab Page, you have the frequently visited website links. Also there will be a recommended category of apps in the menu bar below. You can add your own apps using “+” button in the same menu bar. To access your Android device, click the mobile phone icon in the left sidebar. You can see all the calls, text messages and other notifications. The next option has plenty of useful based on various categories. You can browse these categories of links using the menu bar below.

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In the end you have some interesting games, where you can download and add it to your browser. The app not only syncs your mobile and PC, also gives a variety of options to make your new tab page more useful. So instead of having a boring new tab page, use Spots to make it interesting. Try this in  your browser and share your experience with us in the comments.

Download Spots for Chrome

Download Spots for Android



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