Pinstriped: A New Desktop Application Takes Presentations to the Next Level

Presentations are still one of the best ways to market and convince your clients. Most of the times we use the same computer for presentations in which we work all the day. Especially people who work on laptops, use the same device to access if they need any other files in the mid of a presentation. People who work  all the day on computers always have a messy desktop and get notifications all the time. This is the only problem in using our personal laptop for a presentation. To fix all these issues, today I came with a new application called Pinstriped, which will hide your desktop, annoying notifications and makes important folders more handy. So, here’s how it works.



Pinstriped is now in the beta stage and is available for Mac and Windows OS. As of now, only Mac application is available for download and Windows app will be available soon. After completing the installation, when you click Pinstriped icon, it will hide your desktop and take you to a full screen interface. Still you can access all the files and folders in your device using an icon in the left. Without getting into your desktop, you can access folders and add them to the Pinstriped screen for quick access.


It has plenty of templates available to select from and you can choose the one which matches your business brand. In Pinstriped, also you can group folders into different Folder sets for various situations. If you have more than one meeting a day, you can easily group folders into different sets and access them quickly when you need. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Any one can quickly design their own template, add folders and get ready for the presentation.

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The app will be completely on full screen mode and it will avoid the unwanted distractions in the mid of your presentations. Also the templates on this app  looks more professional and gives you a clean look than any other power point applications. The developer of this app has given a brief explanation in the video tutorial below, which will be very  helpful to understand more about the application.

If you conduct meetings often with your colleagues and clients, try this application with your friends first, definitely they will be impressed. You can take your presentations to the next level with the help of Pinstriped. Also share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Pinstriped for Mac and Windows



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