Get Contact Info in SMS From A Company’s Website Using Sendola

When we need a company’s contact, we go to the website, search  for the contact info and make a note of it. Either we take a note in our mobile phone or in our computer. Even though we have plenty of apps to sync the data between your PC and Mobile phones, sometimes text messages are one of the convenient ways to access an information. Today I came with a new web application called “Sendola”, which lets you send SMS from a company’s website to your mobile phone. Here ‘s how to do it.


Right now Sendola is available only for Chrome. You can download the app from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the app, you can see a mobile phone icon in the right corner of your browser. Also it will take you to a sample website and show you the instructions to use the app. To start using the app, first go the company’s website from where you need to receive the contact. Once you reach there, click the Sendola icon in your browser and you can see different user submitted details of their contact.


If the company has many branches, all their contact information will be available as a list. Choose the one you need and you will see text boxes to enter country’s extension and mobile number below the contact details. Select your country’s extension from the list, type your mobile number and click send. You will receive the SMS instantly. Since the app works based on user submitted details, in some of the websites contact information won’t be available. In those cases, the app will display you a contact information box, where you can either type or copy, paste contact from the website and send them to your mobile phone.

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It is bit complicated when you don’t find the contact but in most of the cases, contact information will be available. Another important option in the application is, it lets you create a personalized button for your website. If you are having a website and want to provide the contact easily through SMS to your visitors, you can create a Sendola button and add it to your website. To create a button, go to Sendola’s website and sign up with your email address. You will receive the password in your mail, log in to the website using that.


After logging in, you will see a form with text  boxes to provide your company’s contact information. Fill in all the details, images, company logo, etc. After filling it, either you can select a button from the list or upload your custom one to add it your website. Once you complete it, you will receive the code to embed the button in your website.


It will be very helpful for people who frequently add new contacts. You can easily copy the contacts which you receive in SMS to your notes app if you have one. Try this app in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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