Download your Gmail and Google Calendar data

It is now common practice to store a large proportion of our files and data online, but there are times when it makes sense to have an offline copy as a backup. Google has long made it possible to download certain data from its servers, and the company is now rolling out the option to download Google Calendar and Gmail data.

To get started, pay a visit to the Takeout section of your Google account and here you will find a list of all of the Google data you are able to download.


If you don’t see the option to download your Gmail data yet, just be patient. This is a feature that Google will be rolling out globally over the coming weeks so it may not yet be available where you are — but it is coming!

Click the Create an archive button and you can then select which of the various Google products you use should be included in the download. You can tick the Select all box to download all of your data, or select individual component. Don’t forget to ensure that you have Calendar and Gmail selected.


When you are happy with the selections you have made, click the Create Archive button and your data will be consolidated into a single zip file for you.


If you wait, you will be presented with a download link when the files is ready, but an email confirmation will also be sent to you complete with the link so you have the option of getting on with something else in the meantime.

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