5 Best Free Android Camera Apps for Photography Lovers

Whenever we hold a smartphone or a camera to take a photograph a beautiful one is always our wish. Today Smartphones are way better than most of the digital cameras and gives you beautiful photographs on the go. Since Android phones are one of the most used Smartphones in the world, there are plenty of photographic applications available for it. Even though the  default camera has a good performance, some of the outstanding apps are available in PlayStore, which makes your photographs even more beautiful. Today I came with a list of excellent camera apps for Android and the list is as follows.



Cameringo is one of the best camera apps in the play store. It gives you an excellent detail and ton of effects inside the application. It has more than 90 filters and 20 borders effects in it. For people who use Smartphones with larger screen like Nexus 5, HTC One, Galaxy Note, etc., this app is a must have in your device. You can easily create the fish eye effects, wide angle effects, vintage effects and much more in a single application. You can shoot a photograph with the preview of the last shot so that you can compare both and choose the right one. It improves the image stabilization, which avoids blurs, Geo-tagging can be done using your GPS, get ultra close up shots using macro feature and much more.



Photo Grid

Photo Grid is an excellent collage making app for Android. You can choose images from the gallery or cloud storages, add effects, choose a preset template, edit and share instantly. It is used  by more than 50 million people around the world and one of the best collage making app for Android. Once you choose the pictures, you can select a wallpaper and a template to create a collage or a photo album. The app is simple and easy to understand and it gives professional quality collages right from your Smartphone. It perfectly syncs with Instagram and lets you edit the pictures with the Instagram filters and add it your collage. It is a must have app for collage lovers.

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Square – No Crop 4 Instagram

Since Instagram is one of the most used photo sharing social media, here is an useful add on for it. Every time you upload a photo on Instagram, it will ask you to crop the photos in square shape. Using this app, you don’t need to crop your photos anymore. After installing it, just go to the app, select your photo from the gallery. Without spoiling your image’s quality, the app will add a border based on the color your prefer. This border will be square shaped and the image will be made to fit into it without losing the quality.


Line Camera

Line is a popular instant messenger for Smartphones. Line Camera app is from the same developer. It is an excellent camera app with plenty of tools for customization. All the basic features like filters, borders, etc., were available in the app. It has some stunning editing options, which lets you edit the images like a professional. The “Beauty” feature of this app is an excellent option to edit your self captures and other photos of yourself. Also it has painting option, which lets you draw doodles and add them to your pictures. There are plenty free add-ons available as in-app purchases inside the app.


Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera is used to create a cartoon and sketch like photography from your Android phone. Though it sounds weird, the results of this app is amazing. You can create beautiful cartoon sketches of you and your friends in just a snap. More than 12 filters available inside the app and you can manually adjust the saturation levels. You can tap to focus anywhere on your screen also it supports the front camera. The app can be moved to SD Card, so it won’t affect your internal memory. Only drawback of this app is, you can’t choose photos from your gallery and edit in it, other than that it’s a great app to create cool effects.

We have plenty of best camera apps available on the Play Store. So I’ll come with the another set of camera apps very soon. If I’ve missed any of your favorite apps, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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