Nutcache: Create Invoices and Manage Expenses for Clients and Employees

While there are many web apps that let you create invoices, none of them offer the features that Nutcache offers for free. After creating a free account on the site, you can list your company’s products, list services, store projects you are working on, track the hours that you have worked, maintain a list of clients, add applicable taxes, connect online payment options, generate expense reports, and more!

After creating an account on the website, you can begin setting up options that will help you quickly generate invoices. You should begin by adding your company’s details. These details include the mailing address and contact information. Next, you can begin adding your clients and their mailing addresses along with their contact information.

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To easily fetch the item you are billing somebody for, you should create a list of products sold by your company. You can specify whether a certain product is sold or rented. Similarly, you can maintain a list of services that are offered by your company.

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Depending on the type of business you run and your geographical region, there might be many different kinds of taxes that apply. Nutcache lets you maintain a list of all different kinds of applicable taxes. Taxes can later be quickly added to the invoice.

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To better categorize your invoices, the app lets you create projects. With each project, you specify a code, a client, a description, starting and ending dates, an estimated cost, and estimated billable hours.

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With the abovementioned entries fed into your Nutcache account, you can create invoices in a jiffy. You simply select  a client and a service or product that you are billing him / her for. An invoice title, purchase order, and project name / code can be added manually.

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Because you specify the unit price of each service or product earlier, on the invoice page you need only specify its quantity and the total amount is automatically generated. Application taxes, terms, and notes can all be optionally added.

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Afterwards you can save the invoice and / or have it directly emailed to the client. Saved invoices can also be exported as PDF, CSV, RTF, MHTML, CLS, DOC, or PPT digital documents.

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All of this is only the tip of the iceberg – Nutcache lets you incorporate your account information for PayPal and other online payment services; it lets you maintain sales records and get analysis reports for time tracking, expenses, etc.; it lets you maintain separate lists for employees and suppliers,  in addition to client lists; it lets you track the time that you spend on a particular project; and a lot more.

While most invoice creation web apps let you only print out an invoice PDF, Nutcache becomes your all-in-one finances management solution. Freelancers and small businesses will greatly benefit from this amazing web app.

You can check out Nutcache by clicking this link.



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  1. Thank you Humza for this article. Great job!
    I might just add that Nutcache is also available in 10 different languages: English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Polish, Italian and Chinese.

    Marc Guevin

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