‘Jing’ Makes Sharing Screenshots and Screencasts Extremely Easy [Mac / Windows]

Regardless of how satisfied you are with your current screenshot / screencast application, you will be thoroughly impressed by Jing – a freeware application for Windows and Mac computers that makes it extremely easy to take screenshots and record screencasts. The app also lets you annotate your media and before quickly uploading it.

To begin using Jing, install it and create an account in the app window that appears.

Jing 1

The app will then place a semi transparent yellow ‘sun’ on the top of your screen. Place the mouse pointer over this sun to reveal the available options. To capture screenshots or screencasts, click on the Capture option that branches from the yellow sun.

Jing 3

After specifying a region of your screen via a simple click-and-drag mouse action, you can click on the ‘Capture image’ option to take a screenshot.

Jing 4

As soon as the screenshot is taken, it is opened in the app’s own annotator. This editor provides the user with easy tools to point out important parts of the image. The tools let you add text to the image, draw arrows on it, and highlight sections. For each tool, you can choose the color type being used. Once you have named the imaged and finished making your changes, you can save the image locally as a PNG file; alternatively, you can upload the image by clicking on the button in the bottom that says ‘Share via Screencast.com’.

Jing 5

Next, the upload of your screenshot begins and its progress is indicated in a floating mini window.

Jing 6

Once the upload has completed, the URL of the uploaded image is automatically copied to the system clipboard. You can share this URL with your friends for them to quickly check out your screenshot.

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Jing 7

Similarly, the application lets you record screen regions as videos instead of screenshots. This enables you to easily record screencasts of up to five minutes of any region on your screen. The app supports audio recording with it screencasts. And, like before, you can either save the video locally as a SWF file or upload the video directly and have its URL copied to the clipboard.

Jing 8

The application keeps a track of your uploaded media. This media can be quickly accessed from the History window of the app. You can view all items or have them filtered by type i.e. images or videos.

Jing 9

The app even lets you add a bunch of custom online social network sharing buttons that speed up the process of sharing screenshots and screencasts online.

Jing 10

Clearly, Jing is one application that all computer users who deal with screenshots / screencasts should go ahead and install. The convenience it brings is simply unparalleled.

You can get Jing from here.



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