5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Today Smartphones and Tablets influence kids a lot. Until they understand what exactly is going on with in the devices, it is our duty to restrict some of the things from them. Previously I wrote about the best android apps to improve your social media experience and best free android apps for Twitter freaks. Today I came with a new set of Android apps for parental control. These apps can be used in both Smartphones and Tablets to restrict the usage, apps and much more functionality in your Android device.  Let’s have a look at the applications below.

Kids Place  – Parental Control

Kids Place is an excellent parental tool for android devices. You can easily customize your device according to your kids usage and give them a safe environment. As soon as you install the app, it will display a personalized home screen where you can customize the apps and other features. It helps you to prevent your kids from downloading or deleting the existing apps. Also it lets you choose the app for you kids and place them on the home screen for their easy access. If the kid is too young, you can select the apps to open automatically if he closes it accidentally. It has timer feature to restrict the usage limit and multiple profiles for different kids.

Kid Read

Kid Read is a simple application, which helps parents to easily understand and customize their android devices for kids. It helps you choose the apps for your kid’s growth and entertainment. If you have two or more kids, you can create separate profiles for them and set a score for different apps on your device. These scores will let you categorize the apps into fun, entertainment, study, etc. So if the kid want to use entertainment apps, he/she has to score enough points on the educational app usage. Kid Read also has a web access on their website, which lets you remotely monitor and change settings inside the application.

Kid Mode

Kid Mode is specifically designed for kids under the age 8. There are lot of educational games will be available inside the app, which makes the learning more fun. Also there is a child lock feature, which will avoid the accidental in-app purchases, deleting texts, etc. Games and videos available for kid can be chosen according to their age. Children can color, draw and there will be illustrated story books for kids to read and record. Video mail features available inside the app, which let kids to send mails to their family members. You can monitor kids activities on weekly basis to see how much they use the apps for playing and learning.

Play Pad

Play Pad app is designed to monitor and locate your kid’s device. Once you install the app in your kid’s Android device, you can take a control of all their actives in the device. You can monitor and restrict the apps they install in their Smartphone. Track their current locations easily using GPS of the device. Limit certain apps usage and remotely disable or delete any apps using the web application. It lets you take control over the calls and text messages on their mobile phone and block the device usage at any time remotely. You can see a complete review of their device usage right from your computer.


Kid’s Shell

Kid’s Shell is yet another excellent parental control app for Android. In the parent mode, you can customize the settings and create a math password to make your Smarphones and Tablets safe for children. Inside the  kid’s shell, only allowed apps can be accessed and you child cannot make a call or text from your Android device. It is compatible for both Smartphones and Tablets. Inside the Kid’s mode, home button will be locked by default and in-app purchases need that parental math password to proceed further. So you can give your kids a safe environment to use all your Android devices.

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kid's shell

Try your favorite apps from the list and share your experience with us in the comments. If I’ve missed any of your favorite parental control apps for Android feel free to mention in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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