‘UnrollMe’ Lets You Selectively Unsubscribe to Your Email Subscriptions

Do you get a large number of unwanted subscription emails? If yes, then you need to check out UnrollMe right away!

UnrollMe is a free to use web application that helps in unsubscribing to emails. The application connects with your email accounts to scan for email services that you have subscribed to. These services are then displayed in a presentable list. From this list you can selectively unsubscribe to services, keeping whatever you feel is important. There is also an option to ‘roll’ certain subscription emails together; by adding these emails to the ‘rollup’ you get one email per day containing these emails instead of them showing up as individual entries in your inbox.

To get started with the service, go on to its homepage and provide your email address. Because the service will be scanning your email folders, you might want to go through the app’s terms and privacy policy.

UnrollMe 1

If your email provider is Gmail, then you will go through an authorization screen. Along with Gmail, the supported email providers include Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud.

UnrollMe 2

Next, UnrollMe begins scanning your folders. The scan process is indicated by a progress bar on the webpage along with a count for all subscription emails that have been detected.

UnrollMe 3

When the scanning is complete, the list of subscribed email services appears. The top bar shows a count for the services you add to the rollup, the services you unsubscribe to, and the number of services that you are still subscribed to. The center pane of the application lists the subscriptions in an alphabetically categorized manner. These subscription entries have a name, a site URL, an ‘Add to Rollup’ button, and an unsubscribe button.

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UnrollMe 4

After you have unsubscribed to 5 email services, the application asks you to spread word about them online before you can continue using it – a small and fair price to pay.

UnrollMe 5

While you might be eager to unsubscribe to a lot of services, keep in mind that there are certain web services that you do not want to completely unsubscribe to. For these, the rollup feature serves excellently. By adding emails from social networks, news services, and various other sites into a single email, you reduce inbox clutter; additionally, you save your time because you have to go through only one email instead of several.

The benefits of UnrollMe are clear and anybody with an email address should check out the service.

You can check out UnrollMe over here.



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