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There are numerous apps for converting your music files from one format to another. You can choose between desktop-based free and paid app software, or opt for one of the web apps currently available. There are some things to take into consideration before making your choice, though.

First is, how many files are you looking to work with? If it’s a large number, then you will want go for traditional desktop software. Many of the better programs can be automated, or set to do a batch-conversion. However, if it’s just a few songs, then you may not mind doing them one at a time. In this case, we’ll assume that’s what you have, and we’ll  use to covert.

While the app works with countless audio formats, many which you likely haven’t heard of, only the big names are available for output. Everything is handled right from the page.

You start by adding the file you wish to convert. Most likely you will be doing this by browsing your computer and uploading the track from there. However, you can also import from a URL, as well.

With that step aside, next up as is choosing the output file type. Options include MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG. This choice is followed by one more, this one regarding the quality of the sound. The four choices range from 96 kbs to 320 kbs.

Once your file is uploaded and converted, you will receive a download link to get your freshly reformatted file. file download

Conclusion is very easy and super fast. If you don’t have many files to convert, then its likely your best choice. If your converting your entire library, however, this won’t be for you.

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