ScreenToGIF: Create GIF Animations of What Happens on Your Screen [Windows]

Screencasts do an excellent job of communicating what is happening on somebody’s computer screen. Unfortunately, their size can be a big inconvenience at times. For example, to explain a three-second process on your website, a screencast might not be the best way to go because of its large file size. This is where an app called ScreenToGIF comes in.

ScreenToGIF is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with Windows. The app lets computer users record whatever happens on their computer screen. The recording is made in the form of image frames; these frames can later be edited and eventually be merged into a GIF animation. Sharing this GIF animation online on your website is far more convenient than uploading a screencast; in addition to you benefiting from not having to upload a large file, your site readers will benefit from not having to load a video in a player – all they will need to do is visit your webpage where GIF animations are automatically loaded.

ScreenToGIF 1

To get started, you must download and extract the archive file of the application. This archive is sized at less than 100 KB. With this done, you open the extracted EXE file of the application and resize the app’s frame to overlap the screen region that you want recorded. The bottom bar of the app’s window lets you specify the frames per second rate of the recording. The precise pixel dimensions of the app’s frame are also mentioned in the bottom bar. When you are ready to begin, click on the Record button.

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When you are done, you can click on the Stop button in the app’s main window. After the recording has stopped, its image frame results appear in an editable interface. You can view each frame that has been recorded and then either keep it or delete it.

ScreenToGIF 2

After editing the frames, you can have your GIF animation constructed and saved locally. In this simple way, you are able to record typed text, movie scenes, streaming videos, etc. You can basically GIF-ize anything!

ScreenToGIF 3

The application’s preferences let you tweak a few options. For example, you can choose for the cursor image to be detected by the application during recording; you can disable the editing screen and have the GIF frames directly saved; you can do away with the save prompt and have the animations directly saved on the desktop. Also offered are customizable hotkey shortcuts for starting / pausing and stopping the recording.

ScreenToGIF 4

Recording screen actions into GIF animation could not be any simpler than this! ScreenToGIF gets two thumbs up from me.

You can download ScreenToGIF from this link.



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