Qureet Brings Important Tweets of the Day from your Twitter Timeline

Twitter is a huge network. When your following list grows up, it will be difficult to catch up all the important tweets. That’s why we have plenty of tools to manage Twitter Timeline and get the important updates instantly. Previously I wrote about a chrome extension to preview images and videos in Twitter also best android apps for Twitter freaks. Today I came with a new web app called “Qureet”, which brings up top tweets from your Twitter timeline. Apart from the trending topics, it monitors all the keywords from your timeline and gives you a wide variety of important tweets.


To start using the application, just go to the Qureet’s website and connect your Twitter account. As soon as you confirm the app connection in your Twitter account, it will redirect you to the app and will ask you to enter your email id. This is to deliver the important Tweets to your email on a daily basis. By signing up to this feature, you will receive important tweets from your timeline for the last 24 hours. Even though there is a most trending news or keyword in Twitter, this app manages to bring all sort of important tweets equally.


In the web app, you have an option called “Timeline” to view your important tweets. As soon as you connect the Twitter account, it won’t be active because it analyzes your Twitter timeline for the next 24 hours and give you the tweets next day. The application rank the tweets based on its importance. Top 50 tweets on your Twitter timeline will be listed first. You can increase the numbers by clicking “View All Tweets” at the end of the page. Maximum of 100 tweets will be displayed from your timeline.

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In the web app’s timeline you have an option to view and retweet the tweets to your Twitter account. There is no option to reply from the application for the tweets displayed. Also you can see the keywords below every tweet which triggered it to the top of the list. It is an excellent app for people who use Twitter occasionally and want to catch up the important topics. The daily digest feature of this app is pretty interesting, it delivers the top tweets right into your email inbox. Try this web app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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