Change the Default Apps in Windows 8.1

While it may seem longer, Windows 8.1 has been on the market for just over a month, meaning most customers  have not yet had an experience with the new operating system. The first look will be even more perplexing for those coming straight from Windows 7. While Microsoft has always produced a number of its own apps, most notably Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, that total has climbed even higher now, with new photo viewing and music apps to name just two.

While the company would, no doubt, like for you to use these, it doesn’t force them on anyone, though it does set them as defaults. This isn’t difficult to change, but the option is somewhat hidden away.

To make these changes, you will need to start by visiting the Charms menu and clicking Settings and then tapping on PC Settings, which is located all the way down at the bottom.

w8.1 pc settings

Now choose Search and Apps, which you”ll spot about halfway down the list. This opens yet another menu page, though this one with a shorter list to choose from. On this second list you’ll want the bottom item, which is simply named Defaults.

This opens a list of the apps that currently are set at the defaults on your PC. You can change each and every one of them, though you’ll have to do so one at a time, by clicking the name.


This provides a list of the other apps currently in residence on your computer that are also capable of handling that particular task. Just tap the one you wish to use, and your are done.

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After making your choices, you can exit the PC Settings page — there is no need to hit a save button or any such thing.



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