See If Your Email Client Leaks Your IP Address

It’s not something that jumps out at you when you open an email. The fact is, you’ll mostly just note sender’s name and the subject line, before diving into the body of the message. But a lot more comes along for the ride, and is buried just below the surface. Someone who knows what to look for can learn a lot from that hidden information.

It’s really hit and miss with the many providers out there. Some send along a nice juicy file that can be used to track your down, while others make various attempts to hide this information.

I’m not here to teach you to be  a detective and track down senders, only to let you find out what is revealed when you are the one doing the sending, and the most important part of that is the IP address. There are complicated ways of checking this, but a simple web-based security app is really all you need. Email Leak Test can take care of this for you very easily.


You’ll notice when you visit that the site easily identifies the address from which you are surfing from. It’s a simple trick and not cause for any particular concern.

Click start and you will be prompted to send an email. Its a random series of characters The subject and body of the message are irrelevant. Simply copy the address over into the To field in your email.

The site then begins checking your message for what can be found. It promises that it does not gather any of the data that comes its way during the course of this check.

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