View your saved passwords in Internet Explorer

Its usage may have waned something in recent years, but Internet Explorer is still a very popular web browser. Despite its popularity, it’s possible that you don’t know everything there is to know about Microsoft’s browser. If you have forgotten a password that Internet Explorer has saved for you, did you know that you can easily retrieve them without the need for any special software?

Launch Internet Explorer from the Start menu or Start screen — depending on which version of Windows you are using — and click the cog icon to the upper right hand side of the screen. Select Internet Options from the menu that appears and move to the Content tab.

Click the Settings button in the AutoComplete section.


In the dialog that appears, click the Manage Password button.


Make sure that the Web Credentials option is selected and you will see a list of all of the websites for which passwords have been saved.


Click the down arrow next to one of the entries and you will be able to see some additional details.


Click the Show button next to the blanked out password and, after supplying your Windows password, it will be revealed to you. You can then repeat this process for any other passwords you have forgotten.

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