How to Reduce the Size of Your Digital Documents with ‘Free PDF Compressor’ [Windows]

Normally, PDF documents have quite a big file size; this is especially true of PDF documents that have image in them. Not only do these files end up taking quite a lot of space on your hard drive, but they also become very difficult to share online. This is a problem that Free PDF Compressor aims to solve by resizing these large PDF documents according to various compression settings.

In order to begin using this application, you must first download and install its setup file which has a size of nearly 7 MB. With the application installed, you can point it to your locally stored PDF file. Next, you can specify a folder location for the resulting compressed PDF file.

Free PDF Compressor 1

Remaining options on the app’s main window let you specify which compression method you would like to employ. These compression methods include the following:

  • Screen: This outputs a low resolution PDF file which is suitable for viewing on your computer screen only. The images are reduced to 72 dpi.
  • eBook: This setting results in a PDF file of medium resolution. The quality is low but the images are reduced to 150 dpi, not 72.
  • Printer: Going with this option will result in a printable PDF file. The colors are not preserved but the images are reduced to 300 dpi.
  • Prepress: This is the highest quality setting offered by the application. Image colors are preserved and they are reduced to 300 dpi. The main difference between this and the previous setting is the preservation of colors.

With your settings selected, you can click on the Compress button in the bottom of the main window. This commences the PDF compression. The progress of the compression is displayed through a bar in the bottom.

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Free PDF Compressor 2

A notification is shown when the process has completed.

Free PDF Compressor 3

I tried out the application with a PDF file I had of a Lenovo laptop manual. The original file was sized at nearly 8 MB but the compressed file stood at about 1 MB. That is a very large drop in size especially when you consider that I had selected the Printer compression option – I probably could have sized it down further with the Screen compression option.

Free PDF Compressor 4

The benefits and effectiveness of this mighty application are quite evident from the screenshots above. If you have a large PDF file that needs to be sized down, then you cannot go wrong with Free PDF Compressor.

You can get Free PDF Compressor from this link.



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