‘PrivaZer’ Speeds Up PC Performance by Removing Unwanted Traces

You probably do not know that your PC might have an ugly clutter of useless trace files that are of no use to you. If you would like to scan for these files and have them removed, then PrivaZer is the app you need to look into.

PrivaZer is a free to use desktop application that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of this application is to detect unwanted traces left by various processes running on your computer. PrivaZer looks for these traces and then removes them. Not only does this remove data about your computer, but it also speeds up your computer’s performance by freeing up disk space.

The first step in using this application is to download and install its setup file which is sized at nearly 13 MB. Once you have downloaded the setup file, open it; you will find options to install the app or simply run its cleanup without the installation.

PrivaZer 1

After that step, you can select the ‘Advanced User’ preferences and go on to answer a series of questions about which areas of your computer you want to find traces in. These areas include everything, ranging from thumbnail caches to window prefetch data.

PrivaZer 2

When you have answered all the questions, the application begins a scan of the areas that you specified during the questions. The categories appear in the left pane whereas the disk space usage graph appears in the right pane.

PrivaZer 3

As the progress of the scan continues, a progress bar indicates the completion level. The remaining time for the scan is also indicated right next to the progress bar. When the scan has completed, you can click on a category and see how many traces it contributes to the overall traces – this can be found on top of the list with the ‘LOG’ label.

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PrivaZer 4

The relevant results for the category you click appear on the right pane. Results are appropriately categorized into links and their details can be seen by clicking on a link.

PrivaZer 5

When you are done analyzing all that will be removed, you can click on the ‘Start Cleaning’ link to have all the detected traces removed.

As you can see, using PrivaZer is extremely easy. It is definitely a useful tool to have in your Windows cleanup toolbox. Running it from time to time will ensure that your system does not get cluttered up with useless trace files that you do not use.

You can get PrivaZer by clicking over here.



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